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Real measurements for your new achievements
More than 10 years of powerful engineering and pressure mapping for baseball teams, golf players and medical industry in the USA.
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We believe
Sport success is achieved not by copying outstanding practices, but by developing a personal approach in training. To gain that, one needs solid and deep information about the player: their actions, energy distribution and even micro patterns in movements. Because even the slightest change in technique can bring an outstanding result in swing, pitch or any other part of the game or recovery process.
What we do
Our mission is to help coaches, researchers and medical workers draw objective conclusions and be more accurate in game or rehabilitation methods. With SensorEdge devices one can get a full vision of what actually happens during the play. We trust in clear numbers, measure all the data in real time, exclude any predictions or approximations, and display information in various forms, from heat maps to clear graphs.

No more guesses, only a solid base for making informed and balanced decisions.
How we do it
SensorEdge invests all the best knowledge in the creation of pressure mapping equipment. Every device is designed, developed and assembled in our lab in New Jersey, USA by people who have been engaged in the biomechanical industry for more than a decade.

We ensure the quality of any device and give only objective physical data to broaden your approaches and results.
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