Pressure Mapping Produces Better Athletes

We're bringing over a decade of knowledge and experience improving golf profressionals and enthusiasts to your diamond and training facility. With SwingCatalyst Baseball and HitTrax integrations, you can get a comprehensive look at the athletes and make the improvements you want to see.

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Hitting Plate Pro

Show your students how their balance is directly connected to their performance and improve their performance. With our sensor, you'll be able to clearly and precisely analyze their swing.
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We partnered with The Perfect Mound to make a pro-level pressure mapping pitching mound. Fiberglass construction and expandable modules combine with our Pitching App and pressure mapping technology to bring best-in-class analytics and measurements to your bullpen.

Pitching Mound Pro

The Pitching Mound Pro is the first smart pitching mound ever released. Training pitchers is clearer and quicker with instant visual feedback.
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SensorEdge Smart Bat

The SensorEdge Smart Bat shows pressure distribution along the grib of the bat for deeper insite into how grip affects the batter's swing. Using our proprietary software, we show batters how they pressurize the bat before the swing, at the moment of impact, and following through the swing.
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