Standard VS JumboMax or why grip size matters?
Jun 15, 2023
Standard VS JumboMax or why grip size matters?
If you feel uncomfortable during the game, there is some good news for you. This can be corrected. But, of course, you need to figure out the reason first.
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 This is Peter, a golf player, he came to our specialist with a complain. And our specialist, as a doctor, will look into the symptomatic. 
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So, the “doctor” found out all the information he needed. He will take the prescription card, write two words in it, and give it to Peter. 
 Are you as lost as Peter is? Don’t worry! We will sort out now why the “doctor” wrote such a prescription. 
Relying on the complains and symptoms our “doctor” made a conclusion that Peter uses the too small grip size club. And this is why he feels uncomfortable. 
If Peter takes doctor’s recommendation and tries a bigger grip size, after a few months he will experience interesting changes. His hand will relax, it will be easier to move his wrist, clubface control will improve. The swing quality will become better, and Peter’s mood too. 
And so there will be one more happy golf player.
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Sounds like magic but this is not so. We observe such a picture every time when we use our sensor grip technology comparing the same player’s grip pressure pattern when he swings with a standard club first and then with a jumbo. 
And it can be explained in a such way. 
The faster you swing the club, the higher is the force that pulls this club out of your hands. This is centripetal force. The higher this force is, the more you grip your hand to hold the club. The more you grip your hand, the more you tense it. But when you take a jumbo you expand the contact area between your hand and grip surface. This leads to the fact that the frictional force between the grip and your hand becomes higher. And it becomes easier to hold the club. You can grip your hands less, your wrists and forearms relax, the club control increases. 
As you see, in SensorEdge we do not magic but physics!