Why measure the pressure? What are the use cases?
Jul 11, 2023
Why measure the pressure? What are the use cases?
Data that our technologies provide can be used for qualitative physical education, athletes’ development, for medical purposes, various types of scientific research and even veterinary medicine and farming.
How can it be possible? We will tell in this article. 

Physical education and sportsmen development 
The way people feel the reality differs from the reality itself. So, relying on this feeling isn’t a good idea for effective athlete’s assessment and development. We provide coaches with accurate data about pressure which a player applies when moving. For example, this data can show how a player shifts his weight from foot to foot during different movements. A coach gets metrics that help objectively assess how correctly the movement was performed by the athlete. Moreover, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. More people need to see what happens with their own eyes to understand it. Providing the data in the form of 2D or 3D heatmap gives a coach and an athlete an opportunity to catch what is missing to achieve better results. 

The same technology can indicate health problems. It allows to make accurate measurement and observe the smallest deviations in balance changes when a person stands still or moves. Also, it is widely used for gait analysis. This data can be very helpful for revealing some, for instance, spinal problems or different neurological disorders in the early stages. 
There are a lot of specific projects where custom sensors can be used for different researchers. Research area is verry different, such as aircraft design and construction, spacecraft technologies, behavioral studies etc. 
Unfortunately, we can’t give more detailed description of these because a lot of information is covered by NDA. But we are happy to provide scientists with qualitative data and be a part of something that changes our life for the better. 
Veterinary medicine and farming 
Do you know that the gait of a pregnant cow changes? Yes, it can be enough to analyze how a cow walks to identify if it is with a baby on the way. And an opportunity to reveal the difference in cows’ gaits fast and accurately can help vets and farmers very much. Surely, it’s very important to detect a pregnant cow. They need special care. Moreover, they absolutely mustn’t be milked. And as you may have guessed, pressure measurement technologies can play a good service in this case too. 
So, as you see, there are lots of ways to use the technology. And we are sure, in the growth of popularity, more and more use cases will appear. If you have any ideas about how to use SensorEdge technology to make the world better, contact us!  We are always open to collaboration!