Bring your results closer to an ideal with a deep insight on your game. Sensor Grip provides accurate measurement and visualization on how a golfer moves, holds and feels the grip. No more guessing — only pure data for your successful game refinement.

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Frame by frame replay
Club position detection
3D Pressure Mapping
Tracking data for each hand
Improve your game with
Accurate visualization
Dynamic 3D visualization made with IMU shows even the slightest change of pressure applied to the grip by each finger at every millisecond of your swing.
Invisible details
Sensor Grip records all the data at the speed of 500 fps. Notice even the tiniest details of the swing and adjust training to improve a golfer’s performance.
While the golfer makes a swing, the Sensor Grip records real-time data and transmits it to The SensorEdge Sports App.

The intuitive interface displays a graph of the pressure applied by each hand and a high-resolution 3D pressure map. The sensor accurately stamps the moment of an impact, as well as the time point when the club was in its top and horizontal positions.
One application for all objective data
The SensorEdge Sports App provides a clear representation of data that can be replayed and analyzed at any moment. Entrust us with all the measurements and take care of the game improvement!

Complement your training experience with other SensorEdge technologies to get a complex insight on what affects the player’s results.
One application for all objective data
Elevate your game
We will help you reach your goals
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