8 best tips to be the worst coach
Apr 05, 2023
8 best tips to be the worst coach
 «It was the worst lesson in my life». «After the session with that coach I decided that golf is not my cup of tea». «Now I know that if I meet such a coach I must run away as fast as possible». Do you want to get such reviews about your work? To be honest, it can be difficult to achieve, but it’s possible if to define it as a goal. We gathered 8 best tips for those who want to be branded as the worst coach ever. So, here we go! 
1. Schedule is for losers. 
Reschedule appointments, or it’ll be even better to cancel them by often. Everybody can reach the success with regular lessons, and you try without. Always finish the session a little bit earlier and feel free to take a very important call in the middle of the swing. 

2. Training sessions exist for sales and advertising. 
You certainly know, your trainee can improve his game only if he has clubs of all types and sizes and materials behind his back. And he must buy them all from you. Otherwise, he won’t succeed. 

3. Don’t let doubt your professionalism. 
Demonstrate your cool swing during all the session, don’t miss a chance to show off, especially since you’re paid for that. 

4. Don’t develop, don’t experiment. 
Read one quite old book about golf and follow everything that is written there. That should be enough. Also choose one and only one iconic golfer and show videos with his swings to your trainee every lesson. Force him to repeat. 

5. Have only one way of teaching. 
Individual approach was invented by marketers. In fact, everyone must be trained in the same way because everyone has the same needs and, of course, the same way of learning. 

6. Prove you’re smart, use complex language. 
To elucidate your schemata and enunciate a vision operate complex vernacular. The less your trainee understands you, the less opportunity to ask questions or, heaven forbid, start an argument he has. 

7. Remember! You’re a Coach, YOU know better. 
Does the trainee say that it’s painful to extend? He lies! Does it seem to him that changing the leg position will help him to swing better? Don’t even allow him to try! He’s stupid! And you are the coach here! 

8. Trust your eyes and guesstimate. 
Why to waste your time and energy on data collection and analysis? Just swing and hope you will get hole-in-one. All those new-fangled things are nothing but a smokescreen. 
And the last and the most important recommendation from us personally. If you really want to be a bad coach, never call us.