We collected here the most basic requests that you may have working with our equipment. Choose the one that suits you and we’ll do our best to help.
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Register your sensor to ensure your warranty information is up to date.
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FAQ & How to
See our frequently asked questions and guides for using or troubleshooting our products.
Getting Started
System Requirements
Instructional Videos
Connecting to a Wireless Sensor
Extended Service Agreement
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Do you provide an SDK for custom development?
What type of sensors do you use?
How accurate are you sensors?
How often do your sensors need to be calibrated?
Recommendations for Accessories
Is the delivery cost included?
What is your mode of operation?
Do you provide a guarantee for all products?
Can I return an item or exchange it for another?
How can I return (exchange) an item?
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User Manuals
MeasureX User Manual
Sleep System User Manual
MeasureX - Quick Start Guide - PowerPoint
No Connection/No Data
Installing MeasureX in an Elevated Security Setting
Too Much Red/Not Enough Color
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